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UPDATE - Strike Cancelled MUA Strike Action- NSW

Apr 27

Update 27/04

The threatened MUA industrial action affecting Port Botany pilot cutter services scheduled to commence at midnight tonight has been cancelled. The Port Authority has announced the signing of an in-principle agreement covering all of the outstanding issues that were presented bringing the negotiations to a close. Pilot cutter services will continue without industrial disruption.


Please see the below notice of strike action by the Maritime Union of Australia in New South Wales.

Notice of four stoppages of six hours over the two consecutive days of next Tuesday and Wednesday have been scheduled by the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA), according to the Port Authority of New South Wales.
A more detailed schedule is given below.
The strike will take the form of work stoppages by the cutter master and the deckhand in the pilot vessels to embark and disembark pilots at Jackson and Botany. One vessel in each port will be affected.
Emergency response, Vessel Traffic Services and other port officer functions (other than pilot cutter movements) will continue normally during the stoppages.
According to the port authority, the MUA has agreed to its members working several “critical” security and safety functions including those covering dangerous goods; booming of tankers; cruise gangways; and vessel escorts.
“The port authority believes there is agreement on the majority of issues that were presented, but despite this we have been unable to bring the negotiations to a close.
“Negotiations are continuing; we are not far apart and we hope to get it resolved before the action commences on Tuesday.
“We are scheduled to resume negotiations before the action begins,” commented harbour master Captain Phillip Holliday.
He added that the disruption is “unfortunate but not significant” and “symbolic” as vessels will be able to arrive and depart in the non-strike windows.
“From six am to midday on Tuesday we can get ships in and out and everyone else will be working so it is business as usual. “We’ve done the best to avoid this strike. The fact that it is occurring is disappointing for us and our customers. It’s our view that strikes do no-one any good,” he said.
MUA Sydney branch secretary Paul McAleer (pictured) commented that, while the two parties were not far apart it appeared to be difficult to get the final deal signed off. Accordingly, the industrial action was necessary to force and motivate the port authority to conclude negotiations, he added.
“We are in the horrible situation of having to take action,” Mr McAleer said.
“We thought we would get agreement a long time ago. We had previously intended to take industrial action but we thought it was resolved. But they are not coming to the party. “We are disappointed not to have resolved and we have got to go to industrial action,” he said.
Mr McAleer said that the union had issues with some of the port operating procedures at Yamba and the status of one of the employees there.
Describing the position, terms and conditions of the Yamba employee as a “historical anachronism,” he commented that the union wants the terms and conditions of the Yamba employee transferred into the new enterprise agreement.
“We want to equalise his earnings with that in the enterprise agreement. It’s been a major sticking point. We’ve not been able to get over the last obstacle. We are frustrated and fed-up. We have sought to do this a proper and meaningful way,” he said.
Mr McAleer could not name the Yamba-based employee, nor identify his position or duties when asked. When we contacted the port authority for further comment, a spokesman asked:
“Are they really going to bring Botany to a standstill for a bloke in Yamba?”
A six-hour stoppage, commencing at 0001 hours Tuesday April 28 until 0600 hours on the same day.
A six-hour stoppage, commencing at 1200 hours Tuesday April 28 until 1800 hours on the same day.
A six-hour stoppage, commencing at 0600 hours Wednesday April 29 until 1200 hours on the same day.
A six-hour stoppage, commencing at 1800 hours Wednesday April 29 until 2400 hours on the same day.

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